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Would you like To Know If There Is Corrosion In the Steel Of Your External Tendons?

July 12th, 2018   Author: Doug Thaler

Post Tension Tendon Inspection Service

Locates Loss Of Metallic Area In External Post Tension Tendons.


Bridge inspections and box girder roadways contain millions of miles of post tension tendons. These tendons can corrode for fail over time if not inspected regularly. IPC’s Post Tension Tendon Inspection service is comprised of 2 patented devices.



  • * Portable
  • * Light Weight
  • * Wireless
  •   * Battery Operated
  •   * Fast
  •   * Accurate


Device 1. Locates Loss Of Metallic Area inside external PT Tendons.


Device 2. Locates Air, Water and Bleeding Grout inside external post tension tendons.

post tension tendon


Post Tension Tendon Inspection Service! Locates Loss Of Metallic Area inside an external post tension tendon. www.Infrastructurepc.com

TendonScan II®

Locates air, water and bleeding grout inside external post tensioned tendons
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post tension tendon
Post tension tendon inspection

Wire Rope Inspection Service

Robotic Wire Rope Inspection Service

Locate section loss in Suspender and Suspension cables without wedging. Nondestructive testing that locates broken wires.

* Bridge Inspections

* Cable Stay Inspections

* Portable

* Accurate


* Hoist Inspection

* Crane Cable Inspections

* Light Weight

* Wireless

robotic wire rope inspection

For more information:

wire rope inspection
wire rope inspection
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bridge inspection robot

Advanced Infrastructure Assessment Primer

Infrastructure Preservation Advanced Bridge inspection & Infrastructure Inspection Services from Infrastructure Preservation Corporation Bridge and Infrastructure Assessments using nondestructive testing and modern robotics to provide

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