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Locating corrosion and deterioration early is important to keep our infrastructure and traveling public safe. Utilizing modern technology and robotics is a first step to making this happen.

dam inspections

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Infrastructure Preservation Corporation has integrated proven non-destructive testing and modern technology into robotic delivery vehicles in order to provide quantitative data to asset owners worldwide.  These devices can peer through concrete and steel as well as visually assess a structure to provide advanced condition assessment reports. 

concrete inspection

Roadway Inspections peers through concrete and steel.

Locate voids, water intrusion, cover thickness and other anamolys before they become visible or dangerous.

wire rope inspection

Wire Rope inspection service. Locate loss of metallic area. Know when to replace your wire rope.

concrete crack inspection service
bridge inspection-deterioration progression

Concrete crack inspection service. Completely maps concrete cracking on structures. Provides 2d and 3d images. Overlays show crack progression over time. Provides x,y and z access of issues on the structure.

dam inspections

Dam and Water Control Structure Non Destructive Testing Condition Assessment Reports

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