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Dock Inspections | Dam Inspections with Nondestructive Testing & Robotics

Dock inspection services

Dock and Seawall Inspections

Visual Inspections

Ground Penetrating Radar inspects cracking underground voids, tie backs, water intrusion and more. Advanced comprehensive dock and port inspection services available for immediate dispatch nationwide.


dam inspections

Dam Inspections are critical for the health and safety of our nations dams. Dams should be checked regularly for cracking, voids, soil displacement, general erosion and more. IPC uses the most sophisticated Nondestructive testing and robotic technology to inspect through the concrete to determine the health or our dams nationwide. Contact us for dam inspections nationwide. 

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Technologies Used: [Nondestructive Testing]

 Visual Inspections Ground Penetrating Radar Ultrasonic Testing 
 Radiography Magnetic Flux Leakage Drone Inspections