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June 6th, 2018   Author: Doug Thaler

Saving Our Infrastructure With
Modern Technology & Robotics

Brooklyn Bridge Postdlf

Inspection Service Videos (Click The Pictures Below)

Cable Stay Bridge Inspection Video


Wire Rope Inspection Service

Bridge Deck Inspection Video

INFRASTRUCTURE PRESERVATION CORPORATION (IPC) is a nondestructive testing robotic engineering firm that has developed (Nondestructive Testing [NDT] robotic equipment to inspect infrastructure assets.  Currently focused on transportation infrastructure assessments, IPC is paving the way for inspection services that provide more quantitative data within the current DOT’s budget.  Inspections are both safer & less disruptive to both the inspectors and traveling public.

For more information fill out the form enclosed.  To watch field videos of our services in action, click on the pictures above.

For more information or to submit a scope of work.

Post Tension Tendon Video


High Mast Light Pole Video


Concrete Crack Inspection

Concrete Crack Inspection

High Mast Light Pole Video

PoleScan® (Robotic Repair Robot)


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