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Bridge Inspections with Robotic Nondestructive Testing

November 21st, 2017   Author: Doug Thaler


In order for our economy to thrive we need to properly maintain Ground Penetrating Radar Inspectionsand improve our infrastructure. With infrastructure neglected for years it is now time to take the steps necessary to keep traffic moving. 


In order to properly budget for repairs we need to better assess it’s current condition. Robotic infrastructure inspections is the solution to properly inspect our infrastructure.  Utilizing robotic infrastructure inspections with nondestructive testing will cause less road closures and do away with heavy equipment like bucket trucks on our nations bridges. 


Robotics will make inspections safer both for the traveling public and the inspectors.  Inspectors will be re-trained to conduct the same inspections that they are experienced in conducting but with the added value of conducting those inspection with modern technology and robotics. 


Offering the department of transportation the quantitative information to understand exactly where issues are, will help them better allocate their resources for the same tax payer dollar that is currently being spent.


Robotic infrastructure inspections will help extend the service life of our critical infrastructure assets as well as helping to keep our public safe and traffic moving.  For more information go to www.infrastructurepc.com.



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