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Transportation Gets 305B from Congress

January 22nd, 2016   Author: Doug Thaler

Even though Obama was able to get congress to sign the new transportation budget, first one since 2005, it falls far short of the required funds to improve out nations infrastructure. The US spends far less than other contries as far as a percentage of GDP. Failing infrastructure affects every facet of country and their economy. From where you live to companies being able to manufacture affordably. Countries that have advanced infrastructures will continue to thrive while others fall by the wayside.


Transportation Gets 305B from Congress

If we want to remain competetive on the world stage we need to not only find new technologies to help evaluate our infrastructure but put more emphasis on training engineers to help advance technology that will make our infrastructure stronger, last longer and less expensive to deploy. The following articles explain.


Obama signs 305B transportation bill -“Obama has railed against short-term patches, and he noted Friday that the highway bill that he received from lawmakers fell short of a six-year, $478 billion proposal he sent to Congress earlier this year.” Read more here.



Read more about repairing our infrastructure in an article from the Senate Budget Committee here.


The Infrastructure Preservation Corporation (IPC) specializes in


Transportation Gets 305B from Congress

developing Patented and Proprietary non destructive testing methods that advance the non destructive testing or worldwide infrastructures. IPC’s testing methods allow engineering firms assess and monitor deterioration allowing critical infrastructures to be repaired prior to failing or needing to be replaced. This not only helps preserve critical infrastructures but saves billions in infrastructure replacements while preserving the public safety. For more information email us here.





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