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Broadcast Tower Inspection Service

A robotic non-destructive guy wire and wire rope inspection service has been developed to produce condition assessments of the corrosive condition of wire ropes in flare stack guy wires, Broadcast and Radio Towers as well as other wire ropes used to support various infrastructure assets. 

IPC robotic wire rope inspection services utilizes magnetic flux leakage to peer through the external HDPE sheathing to locate loss of metallic area inside the guy or any wire rope. 




Issues With Wire Rope

wire rope inspection issue
Magnetic flux leakage



IPC’s robotic service is an automous tool that consists of a crawler that is towing a magnetizing sensor head and a portable computer that wirelessly controls both. The service both looks at and videos the outside of the rope as well as measures the loss of
cross-sectional metallic area along a guy or wire rope. 

Wire rope inspection service
wire rope inspection service

Robotic Wire Rope and Guy Wire Inspection Service.

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