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Subsurface Mapping With Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground penetrating radar

Maintenance is a critical part for the health of any infrastructure, especially when related to public safety. Massive structures such as Bridge, tunnels, dams etc. that move and protect the masses need to be inspected on a regular basis not just for structural and functional integrity but to keep the structures in perfect working order and to slow deterioration in order to maintain safety and increase the structures life span. 


Prior to the technology being available bridges, parking garages, dams and other parts of the infrastructure were inspected visually.  In the case of bridge decks they were inspected manually by dragging a chain across potential bad spots and listening for changes in the sound. This is a method that is still used in inspections today where various states department of transportations have not yet modernized or updated their inspection methods.


Bridge deck inspection by chain dragging

Visual Subjective

Current method of inspecting a bridge deck. Both visual in nature and subjective.

Ground penetrating radar

Quantitative Inspection `

For the same taxpayer dollar, BridgeScan® conducts a complete bridge deck and approach way assessment right through the concrete with the ability to penetrate to 15 feet.

Ground Penetrating Radar [GPR] combined with expert interpretation software provides the most comprehensive assessment for underground inspections.

Deterioration that occurs on a surface of the bridge like cracks or corrosions can be easily spotted during the visual examination but the cracks, voids or corrosion that occurs inside the layers of the surface cannot be seen until a sample is taken out (coring) and examined in the lab. This method is time-consuming and it further increases the internal damage and exposes the bridge deck to the elements which could further deterioration.


This problem has been solved by the introduction of a nondestructive and non-invasive technique known as BridgeScan® BridgeScan was developed by IPC as a method that incorporates “Ground Penetrating Radar” to assess below the surface. 


BridgeScan®  scans the subsurface layers to find anomolys that if repaired can help extend the service life of important infrastructure assets. It images below subsurface layers to locate delamination, debonding, rebar placement, concrete thickness, voids, water intrusions and more. 


This technology utilizes radio waves to locate the underground abnormalities and interpretation software based on hundreds of past inspections to report on not only existing issues but issues that can become problems in the future.  The best part is that it can work on any kind of surface whether it is concrete and even non-concrete surfaces.




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gpr scan of bridge deck

Infrastructure Preservation Corporation (IPC) is a trusted name in bridge inspection and our advanced underground utility locating systems are operated by a team of highly trained and certified technicians. The Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system can locate reinforcing steel/rebar, electrical conduit, post tension cables, and PVC pipes inside the earth’s surface.


The indications on surfaces mapped by the GPR can be used to prevent structural damaging mistake prior to coring, construction or drilling. We offer a wide variety of GPR services to bridge owners and construction companies. We are committed to using safe, nondestructive inspection services. GPR is completely safe and  presents no risk to the inspection crew, unlike concrete X-ray inspection which poses radiation threat.


IPC’s  underground utility inspection system produces  results quickly and accurately. The result can even be seen in real time and stored for later analysis. To get a free quote of our underground utility inspection services, you can visit our website or leave your contact details with us. We will contact you shortly!


gpr image of rebar
Good rebar underground
GPR Heat Map
Bridge Deck at the end of its useful life.

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