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  • Commercial Sipyards, Docks & Piers

    Commercial Shipyards, Docks & Piers

    Commercial shipyards are aging as well. Piers, docks, piles, tieback systems, seawalls (bulkheads) are deteriorating and losing their ability to carry their intended loads. IPC has performed Deterioration Condition Assessments on commercial loading docks and tie-back systems that support thousands of tons of cargo a day.

    IPC can identify weakened areas of the shipyard facility so that they can be repaired on a scheduled basis and not at time of failure and halt transportation of the shipyards cargo. The shipyard loses money if it cannot load its vessels for transport. IPC gives shipyard owners peace of mind and confidence that their yard is in good condition.

  • Dock Pier & Tie Back Condition Assessments

    Dock Pier & Tie Back Condition Assessments

    IPC performed a Dock, Pier and Tie-back Condition Assessment of the Commodores Point Terminal on the St Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida using our proprietary non destructive testing methods. The terminal was constructed in 1938 and rebuilt in 1960. The terminal began experiencing break-through of the deck with the outriggers of its 125 ton cranes.

    IPC was called in to perform an in-depth deterioration assessment of 458,000 square feet of surface area and 768 tie-back rods. The owners were deciding whether to keep the terminal open or close it and turn it into water front town-homes.

    The results of IPC’s inspection resulted in an overall fair to good condition with designated areas of repair. The tie-back system was intact and stable. The shipyard owners decided to repair the terminal and keep it open for service.

  • Shipyard Inspections

    Dock Deterioration & Load Rating Analysis

    IPC was contacted to perform a Dock Deterioration and Load Rating Analysis of NASA’s MAF Barge dock in New Orleans, LA also utilizing our proprietary nondestructive testing methods. The facility was used to build fuel tanks for the space shuttle, load them on to a barge and transport them to Florida.

    The dock was damaged during Katrina in 2005 and began showing signs of cracking in 2010.

    IPC’s inspection results showed a stable substructure and normal aging of the dock surface. The deck cracking was due to pile failure under that section of the deck. The deck was repaired and is still in service today.