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Robotic Wire Rope Inspection Service

wire rope inspection

Save and Reuse Existing Cables

Wire ropes are critical to many of our most important equipment and infrastructure assets. Infrastructure Preservation Corporation (IPC) utilizes modern technology in its robotic wire rope inspections without needing to wedge cables apart by peering through steel strands to look for section loss caused by unplanned stresses and corrosion and addresses issues based on their severity.


This is a major advancement for the bridge inspection industry as well as other mission critical wire ropes. Wire rope inspections are a part of IPC’s CableScan® services to provide quantitative condition assessment data to asset owners.


Know when to replace your wire ropes!

Locates Loss of Metallic Area/ Corrosion

Free Project Consultation

“Providing quantitative condition assessment data to asset owners.”


Focus on Reliability and Safety

Deteriorated suspension and suspender cables on bridges can lead to bridge and roadway failures. It is important to regularly inspect wire ropes beyond the visual manual inspections that have been conducted in the past.

IPC performs inspection on the following rope and cable types:


  • * Bridge suspender ropes
  • * Mining cables
  • * Offshore oil rigs
  • * Pipeline support structures
  • * Cranes
  • * Hoists
  • * Mining Cables
  • * Flare Stacks, Etc. 
wire rope inspection service

Locates Loss of Metallic Area In Cable Stayed Bridges!

Can Replace Wedging In Suspension Bridges!

Identifying Rope Deficiencies

bridge inspection

Portable lightweight robotic device glides up and down the wire rope transmitting deficiencies to a ground station.

Unit can be fixed to feed wire through for spooled wires.


IPC’s robotic wire rope inspection services identifies deficiencies such as:


Wire rope distortions (twisting, strand deterioration, internal failure, potrusions:

  • * Corrosion
  • * Section Loss

Service Benefits Include:

  • * Section loss identification and documentation of location
  • * Detailed quantitative reports and reliable interpretation
  • * Extend asset life
  • * Improve safety and reliability
Wire rope inspection

“Utilizing robotic inspections for faster, more efficient and less expensive inspections than conventional methods.”

Expert Infrastructure Inspection Services

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