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July 10th, 2018   Author: Doug Thaler

Updating 50 year old manual infrastructure inspections with 

modern technology and robotics.


Providing quantitative data to the Department of Transportation with a Lower Cost, Less Risk, Fewer Lane Closures and Traffic Disruptions.  

All inspections comply with and exceed AASHTO and FHWA guidelines.



Suspender Cable & Wire Rope

Inspection Service

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Bridge Deck & Approach

Condition Assessment

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CableStay Bridge Inspection Service

PoleScan® High Mast Light Pole Inspection Service

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No Lane Closures or Bucket Trucks Required!



  • Better Inspections
  • Lower Cost
  • Safer for the Public
  • Safer for the Inspector
  • Fewer Lane Closures

The latest in Bridge inspection services using modern technology and robotics.  Fill out below to discuss a scope of work or to request a free webinar.


High Mast Light Pole 

Repair Robot

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Post Tension Tendon Inspection Service


Bridge Crack Inspection Service

Additional advanced technologies and robotic inspection services available for bridge inspections and other types of infrastructure inspection services. Call us with a scope of work or to discuss a project or email [email protected]


For information on any of the above services or our Robotic column and shaft inspection service contact 727-372-2900 Ext. 24 or click HERE.


 Watch The Robotic Field Video Below


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