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Why Our Infrastructure Is In Disrepair Vol 1. Cable Stay Bridges

bridge collapse

Updating 100 year old manual subjective inspections with modern technology and robotics to keep our infrastructure and traveling public safe.


  • Portable
  • Light Weight
  • Wireless
  • Accurate
  • Minimizes Lane Closures
  • Minimizes Traffic Disruptions


  • Provides Quantitative Data Vs Current manual subjective inspections
  • Minimizes Lane Closures
  • Minimizes Traffic Disruptions
  • Locates Loss of metallic area/ Corrosion inside the steel
  • Provides an action plan for asset owners to better budget for maintenance

Replaces manual subjective inspections.
Safer for the inspectors and traveling public.

For Questions or to submit a scope of work

Infrastructure Preservation Corporation 727-32-2900 Ext. 24

robotic bridge inspections

Don’t wait until catastrophe strikes.  Contact your local Senator or Congressman today and insist your state update their manual, subjective inspections to utilize modern technology and methods. Contact your states representative here:

Installing Cable Stay through sheathing

corroded bridge cables Cable stay bridge inspection

Wire Rope Corrosion

corroded bridge cables

Portable, Wireless, Lightweight

cable stayed bridge inspection

Consequences of a bridge failure

Why Our Infrastructure Is In Disrepair Vol 1. Cable Stay Bridges


Bridge Inspection Field Pictures

Cable Stay Bridge Inspection Cable Stay Bridge Inspection DOT visits a Robotic Bridge Inspection Bridge Inspection with robotics Wireless Robotic Bridge Inspection Service

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wire rope inspection

Guy Wire Inspections

What is a “Guy Wire”? If you have ever passed a large broadcast antennas and have seen the wires anchoring them to the ground but

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Post tension tendon inspection

A Post Tension Primer

A Post Tension Primer Post-tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete structures. The prestressing steel cables inside the sleeves or plastic ducts are positioned in

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