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Robotic Cable Stay Bridge Inspection Service Field Pictures

Robotic Cable Stay Inspection

Robotic Cable Stay Bridge Inspection

Partnering with IPC’s Robotic Non-destructive testing services will provide asset owners worldwide with more quantitative data to enable more efficient use of their maintenance budgets.


Utilizing advanced condition assessment provides an action plan for repairs and helps to  extend critical infrastructure assets worldwide. 

Mounting & Dismounting Bridge Cable Stay Robot

Inspector view from mobile base station.

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Robotic Bridge Inspection Service utilizes the latest in non-destructive testing and robotic engineering to provide the department of transportation with quantitative data and advanced condition assessment reports. With the latest in robotic and infrastructure bridge inspection services asset managers can utilize the information to better allocate limited resources and assets. 

Many of the issues found on one inspection were man made. The bucket truck hitting the cable during an inspection causing pitting and rust.  In another case the scaffolding from a previous paint job scraped the cable which again caused pitting and rusting. Updating all dated infrastructure inspection methods with modern technology and robotics can help in minimizing damage as well as lowering inspector risk.

Bridge Inspection goes robotic
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Infrastructure Inspections using non-destructive testing and robotics. Click below for more information.

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