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March 3rd, 2019   Author: Infrastructure Co

By locating early stage deterioration and properly maintaining & conducting repairs the service life of our critical infrastructure assets can be extended and untimely replacements avoided, saving billions in infrastructure costs.  

CableScan® - MFL Cable Stay Bridge Inspection Service

Locates loss of metallic area inside the HDPE cable. Portable, light weight, wireless and accurate. CableScan® is the most advanced bridge cable assessment available today.  Locates down to .5% loss.

BridgeScan® - Bridge Deck Inspection Services- Advanced GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

Going beyond GPR BridgeScan® locates delamination, deterioration, rebar placement, water intrusion, voids, underground obstructions and conduits, cover thickness and more. Advanced nondestructive bridge deck condition assessment can also provide amount of required material for repairs and budgets required for maintenance and repair. 

CableScan® - Cable Stay Bridge Inspection Visual -NBI Inspections

Cable Stay Bridge inspection of the exterior of the cablestay. Conducting a 360 degree visual inspection of the entire cablestay. The robotic inspection unit is portable, light weight and accurate. 

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RopeScan® - Wire Rope Inspection Service

Know when to replace your wire rope! Conducts a 360 degree inspection of the entire wire rope or cable. Any issues are clearly located and recorded. Deterioration progression over time with subsequent inspections can help you know when to replace your wire rope. 

TendonScan® - Post Tension Tendon Inspection Service

External post tension tendons hold up our nations bridges and highway interchanges.  There are millions of miles of post tension tendons worldwide with no commercially viable economical way to inspect them until IPC.

ColumnScan® - Robotic Column & Shaft Inspection

A robotic inspection system that inspects the inside of bridge columns on complex bridges. It lowers into columns and inspects the interior of the columns. ColumnScan® transmits information to a surface station for onsite evaluation and reporting.

RopeScan® - Robotic Wire Rope Inspection Service

Know when to replace your wire rope. No bucket trucks required. Portable, light weight, wireless and accurate. RopeScan® can help you locate loss of metallic area and be helpful in letting you know when to replace your wire rope.

PoleScan® - High Mast Light Pole Inspection Service

A robotic device that replaces the visual subjective inspection of high mast light poles (HMLP’s) along our highways and interstates. These inspections take place every five years. 

PoleScan® - R High Mast Light Pole Repair Robot

PoleScan-R is a repair robotic device that preforms minor repairs on high mast light poles. These repairs can be made without lane closures or boom trucks and will help extend the service life of high mast light poles worldwide

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