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Railroad Bridge Inspections

Infrastructure Preservation Corporation (IPC) has its roots in robotic engineering developing the most advanced inspection equipment and procedures to inspect railroad bridges and infrastructure worldwide.

Railroad Bridge Inspections

Railroad Bridge Inspection Services & FRA Part 237 Compliance Assistance

IPC can assist in all areas of your bridge management program under CFR 49 starting with bridge inspections.
The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) is a North American railway industry group. It publishes recommended practices for the design, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure, which are requirements in the United States and Canada.
Railroad Bridge Inspections

Federal Railroad Bridge Safety Inspection Guidelines.
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Title 49 Part 237
Railroad Bridge Inspection Video

What We Inspect?

  1. Inspect the deck from the top
  2. Inspect the bridge approaches
  3. Inspect the underside of the deck
  4. Inspect the bearings
  5. Inspect the beams/superstructure
  6. Inspect the abutments and wings
  7. Inspect the piers
  8. Inspect the waterway

How We Inspect?

IPC utilizes the latest in modern technology and robotics to provide the quantitative data that is so needed for the asset owners to properly allocate their resources to extend the service life of these critical infrastructure assets. .

Railroad Bridge Inspections

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