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PoleScan® High Mast Light Pole Inspection Video

June 6th, 2018   Author: Doug Thaler
high mast light pole inspection

High Mast Light Pole Inspection Service

maintaining high mast light poles worldwide!

Inspects 360 degrees of the pole and seams Inspects the luminaries and mast arms as well.  IPC can also conduct ultrasonic testing of the anchor bolts as part of the inspection protocol.

High Mast Light Pole Inspection Service using modern technology and robotics.

 Inspects 360 degrees of the HMLP.  No Lane Closure, No Bucket Trucks Required.

High Mast Light Pole Inspection-2_1

Mast Arms

Robotic Pole inspection of hmlp joint


High Mast Light Pole Inspection-20160


high mast light pole inspection service

Seam Inspection

high mast light pole scan

Seam Evaluation

ultrasonic testing of anchor bolts

Ultrasonic Testing

Watch more robotic infrastructure inspection videos by clicking on the pictures below. For more information fill out the form to the right.


INFRASTRUCTURE PRESERVATION CORPORATION (IPC) is a nondestructive testing robotic engineering firm that has developed Nondestructive Testing, NDT robotic equipment to inspect infrastructure worldwide.


* Fewer Lane Closures

* Fewer Bucket Trucks/Heavy Equipment

* More Quantitative Data

* Better Detailed Reporting


Helps the asset owners, DOT’s better allocate assets and conduct preventative maintenance.



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