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Philadelphia Bridge Inspections Have A New Friend

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The Infrastructure Preservation Corporation “IPC” in Clearwater Florida According to the Philadelphia Business Journal


“Twenty-three percent of Pennsylvania’s 22,660 bridges are structurally deficient, which is the highest in the nation. The Transportation Funding Bill Act 89, passed in late 2013, will provide the dollars needed to heal this component of the state’s ailing infrastructure, but it won’t be fully funded until 2019.


The American Society of Civil Engineers gave Pennsylvania bridges a D-plus on its Bridge in disrepair2014 infrastructure report card. (At least bridges got a better grade than Pennsylvania’s D-minus in wastewater management systems, which “discharge billions of gallons of untreated sewage into Pennsylvania’s surface waters each year.”)


Just because a bridge is classified as structurally deficient doesn’t make it too dangerous to cross. Bridges are required by law to be inspected at least once every two years. If a bridge is deemed unsafe, it can be saddled with weight and speed limits or even closed down for repairs.”  


If you would like a map of Philadelphias structurally deficient bridges Esira teamed up with the Philadelphia Biz Journal and published one here

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