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Private and Public Concrete Structures

  • Public and private parking garages are similar to bridges where vehicles are constantly entering and leaving on a daily basis. This creates constant movement of the structure otherwise known as “Moment”.

    Over time the load bearing elements weaken and moment increases. IPC performed a concrete deterioration assessments of the traffic ramps and load bearing areas of this garage. We can also perform a concrete crack assessment and monitor a potential increase in deterioration.

  • This is a picture of the ramp within the above parking garage that began to show signs of cracking.

  • This is an image from IPC’s inspection report showing severe deterioration within the top section of the ramp. (Red is deterioration) This is the top floor section where rain water has leaked through the top floor and onto the ramp.The deterioration was contained within the surface two inches of the ramp and had not reached the top reinforcement (rebar) mat. There was no structural damage to the reinforcement. The deterioration was repaired and the surface of the ramp was sealed.

  • IPC’s bridge crack inspection system can locate hairline cracks on any concrete structure and record the exact location, length and width of the crack to be monitored. Once a crack map is created it can be compared against results from a follow up inspection. The comparative results will show the increase in deterioration and better help in the assessment of the structure and long term asset management.These inspections can be done from a distance without lane closures or boom trucks.