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Parking Garage inspections
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* Bridge Deck & Approach Way

* Asphalt Thickness
* Delamination & Debonding
* Fill Density
* Exceeds FHWA & AASHTO

* Locate Cracks & Rebar
* Locate PT Cables
* Slab Thickness
* Concrete Cover
* Water Intrusion

*Locate Delamination
* Water Intrusion
* Visual Inspection
* Tendon Anchors

*Above Ground |In Service
* Routine -In Service
* Ultrasonic Thickness
* Ultrasonic Bottom Plates
* Tank Floor & more..

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IPC has the most sophisticated custom built GPR equipment available today with interpretation software that goes beyond conventional gpr equipment.


GPR (Ground Penetrating radar uses electromagnetic -radar to image through concrete and earth to locate buried obstructions in concrete, soil, gravel and other substances beneath the ground. GPR is used both to determine if the ground is stable enough to support loads as well as to map and locate utilities, post tension tendons, utilities and pipes prior to drilling or construction.


Whether you are mapping underground obstructions prior to digging or obstructions in concrete prior to moving forward with construction and finding issues in concrete parking structures ground penetrating radar provides the underground assessment you need to prevent costly problems later. 


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