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NonDestructive Testing & Robotics Raise The Bar On Infrastructure Inspections

high mast light pole inspection of seam

The Latest In Robotic Bridge Inspections

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Volume 10 | Month Day 2018
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Nondestructive Testing & Robotic Engineering Set To
Raise The Bar On Infrastructure Inspections
    Service Spotlight
    Ground Penetrating Radar
Locate section loss in Suspendor and Suspension cables without wedging. Nondestructive testing that locates broken wires.
Service Spotlight
Ground Penetrating Radar
IPC’s BridgeScan has taken GPR and bridge inspections to a whole new level with the ability to inspect a compete deck surface and sub surface for the same price as a visual inspections.
Delamination, Debonding, Voids,
Water Intrusion, Rebar Placement, Soil Compactness as well as locating underground utilities, pipes & conduits and more.
Service Spotlight
Post Tension Tendon Inspection
IPC’s TendonScan : Locates section loss inside of external Post Tension Tendons.
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Before you drill or conduct repairs contact us for nondestructive testing to pinpoint your problem areas.
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