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Making Bridge Inspections More Effective With Drones

drone inspection

Implementation of robotics has revolutionized the inspection of various infrastructure assessments such as bridges, dams, towers etc. There are various kind of robotics systems utilized in bridge inspection but the drone is a unique system which performs many life-risking jobs in a fraction of the time taken by the traditional non-robotic methods.

Drones are also referred to as Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and are primarily used to collect aerial views of for example a  bridge to detect any kind of minor or major deteriorations like cracks, corrosion, and other faults that are not easy to see from a distance. 


The advanced drones can also fly under the bridge even if it is located at dangerous heights. 




These are some of the benefits of drone inspection:

drone inspection
  •       Takes less time as compared to traditional methods to perform complete inspection task


  •       Reduced expenditure of bridge inspections for the components they can inspect.


  •          Reduces life risks thus assures safety to public and the inspection crew.


  •          Obtains more  accurate data based on provided safety standards and requirements.


  •          Provide 2D and 3D images for easy interpretation.


  •          Data can be analyzed in real time and stored for later use.


  •        Data can be shared with the clients in real time and their prompt reviews can be made and action taken.
  •        Besides being a fast and accurate inspection method, it has many other features like it is user-friendly means the inspector just needs to feed the aerial route and other required information about the inspection and the drone will do rest of the work.
  •       It can also work in most weather conditions and it is very useful in the detection of damages caused to the bridge by natural disasters like flood, storm or cyclone in very short time and without risking any lives.
  •          The data collected by drones can be used in data repairs and to map the problem areas of a long bridge especially railroad bridges in the aerial view. This practice saves lots of time and labor of the crew and thus reduces the inspection budget.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss or would like additional information. Fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

  •        Data from drone inspection can also be used for monitoring purposes to predict the structural and functional performance of a complex bridge in coming years.

 Drone inspections are ideal for oil pipelines and locating damage and leaks in pipelines.


  •         Drone inspections are a great way for tank farms to conduct interim inspections ensuring safety of their tanks and grounds.

 Drone inspections are perfect for:

Bridge Inspection

Dock Inspections

Farm & Crop inspections

Dam Inspections

Oil Pipeline Inspections

Tank Farm Inspections

Windmill Inspections

Mining Inspections

Utility Inspections

Tower Inspections

Smoke Stack Inspections

Tunnel Inspections

Infrastructure Preservation Corporation (IPC) provides the latest in advanced drones for inspection services.  Our specialized drones have flight times exceeding 50 minutes to get the most out of each flight.


IPC also has a number of in-house patented robotic systems for customized bridge inspections, tank farms and oil pipeline inspections and more. IPC has advanced sensors that can attach to drones that can inspect for leaks and cracks in structures. 


To get the details of our products and services, you can visit our website at If you have a specific scope of work that you would like us to review, email [email protected] 

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