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High Mast Light Pole Inspections Get A New Robot

March 23rd, 2017   Author: Doug Thaler

The current method of inspecting high mast light poles is done by placing an inspector on the ground lookinHigh Mast Light Pole Inspections Get A New Robot | Crane Inspectionsg up hundreds of feet through a pair of binoculars.  A non industry professional would hardly consider that an inspection. High mast light poles that illuminate our highway systems are ageing along with the rest of our infrastructure and it is important that these inspections are brought up to date to ensure the public’s safety.


IPC, Infrastructure Preservation corporation in Clearwater, Florida has introduced a robotic high mast light pole inspection service.

High Mast Light Pole Inspections Get A New Robot | Crane Inspections

High Mast Light Pole Inspection Services by IPC  conduct a  complete inspection of the pole mast, seams and luminaries.  Producing a 360 degree inspection that can locate anomolies prior to them becomming an issue. Pricing for these services are within the current DOT’s budget. Historical records are saved to compare possible increase in deterioration over time.  


In addition, IPC can inspect the anchor bolts. Those anchor bolts go into the ground 3-4 feet and over time can be cracked and compromised due to heavy winds. It is important to test them for stress fractures or cracks so that defective ones can be replaced before they compromise the entire structure.


For more information go to
HMLP Inspection Video. The process is fast and cost effective.




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