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High Mast Light Pole Inspection System

November 16th, 2017   Author: Doug Thaler

High Mast Light Poles are currently tested subjectively by an inspector visually inspecting a pole from the ground. This method leaves a door open to miss potential trouble spots. If two inspectors were to inspect the same pole at the same time you would receive two different outcomes. In addition with no historical recordation of the asset and advancement of potential defect cannot be properly monitored. The HMLP Inspection has been perfected with IPC’s high mast light pole inspection system that makes subjective testing obsolete.



For more information on IPC’s high mast light pole inspection system email [email protected]


IPC is a nondestructive testing company that utilizes advanced nondestructive testing and robotic technology to produce condition assessment reports in order to determine deterioration of todays infrastructure. IPC is working with the Transportation Research Board to introduce a new wave of inspection technology and practices that improves inspection results by locating earley stage deterioration for repairs and to help prolong a structures remaing life.



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