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Forensic Damage Inspections

  • Forensic Damage Inspections

    When damage occurs to a bridge or any concrete or steel structure through an impact or fire, it can create internal damage not visible to the eye. IPC’s Forensic Condition Assessment can locate internal damage to reinforcement that can compromise the structures ability to carry its intended loads.

    The damage may not be apparent at the time the of impact and may not show up until years later, shortening the life expectancy of the structure and increase its maintenance costs.

  • Forensic Damage InspectionsIPC’s Forensic Condition Assessment can locate internal damage caused by an impact to a structure so that it can be repaired before it effects the surrounding areas. Bridge Inspections using nondestructive testing (NDT) methods with IPC’s nondestructive evaluation (NDE) services are the best way to assess the integrity of an asset for public safety.


    IPC’s  forensic inspection services can span many different infrastructure asset types from bridges to docks, dams, ports, roadways and more.

    Some of the Bridge Inspection Assessments that IPC performs as part of their forensic inspection not only comply with the National Bridge Inspection Standards but exceed The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) standards as well as FHWA requirements.

Bridge inspections for forensic assessments can include:

Many of these tests are performed to a much higher standard than conventional inspections utilizing Infrastructure Preservation Corporation’s patented robotic NDE (Nondestructive evaluation) services to see through concrete and steel and assess the structural integrity of our nations infrastructure.

Inspection Procedure: Forensic Condition Assessment.