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Cable Stay Bridges & Suspension Bridge Inspection Go Robotic

cablestay bridge inspections

Cable Stay & Suspension Bridge Inspection Services

CableStay Bridge Inspections 


  • 360 degree View of Entire Length of Cable
  • High Definition Video
  • High Definition Pictures
  • Location of anomolys 
  • Location to park repair truck.
  • No Lane Closures
  • No Bucket Trucks Required!
bridge inspection cablestay
Cable Stay Bridge Inspection Service
robotic Cablestay inspection
bridge inspection

Wire Rope Inspection Services for Cable Stay & Suspension Bridges

Suspension & Suspender Cable Bridge Inspections

Locates Loss of Metallic Area



* Portable

* Wireless

* Accurate

* No Lane Closures

* No Bucket Trucks


Different size devices for different applications. Click here for more!

wire rope inspection service
wire rope inspections

Post Tension Tendon Inspections

post tension tendon inspection
Post tension tendon magnet flux inspection

Post Tension Tendon Inspection Service

Locate section loss inside external post tension tendons.


The most advanced post tension tendon inspection to date.  Portable, Light Weight, Wireless, Accurate.


Comprehensive inspection report.

Latest model with speed control and headlights

pre stressed concrete inspection

TendonScan®consists of two devices. One locates air, water and bleeding grout using Electrical Capacitance and the second uses Magnetic Flux Leakage to locate loss of metallic area.

For more information contact 727-372-2900 Ext. 24

Bridge Inspection Field Pictures

Cable Stay Bridge Inspection Cable Stay Bridge Inspection DOT visits a Robotic Bridge Inspection Bridge Inspection with robotics Wireless Robotic Bridge Inspection Service

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wire rope inspection

Guy Wire Inspections

What is a “Guy Wire”? If you have ever passed a large broadcast antennas and have seen the wires anchoring them to the ground but

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Post tension tendon inspection

A Post Tension Primer

A Post Tension Primer Post-tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete structures. The prestressing steel cables inside the sleeves or plastic ducts are positioned in

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