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Cable Stay Bridge Inspections

cable stay bridge inspection

Cable Stayed bridges are currently inspected primarily the way they were inspected 50 years ago. it is common to see lane closures, heavy equipment including a bucket truck and crash truck. The crash truck is to prevent the traveling public from crashing into the bucket truck. 

Technology exists today to help prevent catastrophe by peering through HDPE sheathing. (The wrapping around the steel) and looking through the steel to locate loss of metallic area and corrosion. 


By monitoring deterioration progression over time, maintenance becomes a breeze

Cable Stay Bridge inspection

The robotic cablestay inspection services are portable, wireless and accurate. Can peer through sheathing and determine percentage loss in the steel. The unit can also compete the NBI (National Bridge Inventory( biennial inspection since it does video the entire 360 degrees of the cable and the full length. Any anomaly’s in the sheathing are recorded.  


No bucket trucks or heavy equipment is required. No crash trucks for the traveling public to crash into and much more quantitative data than ever seen before.

In fact the actual wires in most bridges have never been inspected with as much quantitative data as CableScan provides. There are a number of units that are designed for Cable Stays, Suspender cables, Post tensioned tendons and most wire ropes.  RopeScan a sister product of CableScan is utilized in heavy industry to inspect guy wires on broadcast towers and Flare stacks, Crane cables and many other wire ropes that need periodic inspection.

wire rope inspection
wire rope inspection services
flare stack guy wire inspection

Know when to replace your wire rope! 


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