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Transportation Infrastructure Inspections have been done the same way for the past 50 years. With the expected service life of many of these assets coming to an end,it would make sense to conduct inspections with today’s modern technology. By taking out the subjective nature of current manual inspections (typically a person with a flashlight and a pad and pencil), we will be able to make necessary repairs to keep these assets in service safely for many years to come.


IPC “Infrastructure Preservation Corporation” has created the first complete commercially viable inspection services that bring quantitative data and deterioration progression analysis to the transportation inspection industry. These services are conducted with the latest technology and robotic equipment allowing for inspections to be conducted in a safer manner for both the inspector and the public, produce baseline condition assessments with 360 degree views of the components being inspected and helping to extend the service life of our infrastructure assets, saving billion in untimely replacements.


The video below shows just a few of the differentiators between the current manual methods and the patented/proprietary technology employed by IPC when providing these inspection services.


Watch below
Infrastructure Preservation Corporation IPC’s differentiators explained. 




Using the best inspection methods available where the public’s safety is involved just makes good sense.  IPC’s inspections in many cases do not require lane closures, night time inspections  or parking boom trucks on the bridge.  The increased detail and quantitative data provided by using IPCs equipment and methods allows the inspector a better understanding of any issues as they are identified much earlier in the assets life than conventional methods.  This will allow the DOT to make needed repairs and better manage their shrinking budgets.


For more information watch the videos below or visit  You can also  email [email protected].


Videos of actual inspections

High Mast Light Pole Video

Cable Stay Inspection Service

TendonScan Inspection Service

Concrete Crack Inspections

Drawbridge Inspection Service



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