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Bridge Inspections with Robots

November 16th, 2017   Author: Doug Thaler

Bridge Inspections with Robots

We hear every day about our ageing infrastructure and are warned about our decaying roads and bridges on the news constantly.


The Federal Highway Administration requires assigned asset managers to inspect our nations bridges every 2 years. If a bridge part or the bridge itself is deemed structurally deficient it is required to be inspected every year.


But why are the inspection methods that are being used today the same methods that were used 40-50 years ago. Marvelous technological advancements have been made in all aspects of society over the past 50 years, even in the building of our infrastructure and the materials and techniques being used. So why are bridge inspections still conducted the same way today that we were conducting them 40 and 50-yrs ago? Certainly the advancement of technology should provide inspections that are more accurate, save on time and are more efficient.


Well that is what we thought at Infrastructure Preservation Corporation. So in 2009 we set out to develop a new set of inspection methodologies for the transportation industry that would accomplish 5 things.


1. More accurate and consistent inspection results (Less Subjective)
2. Safer for the public. (Eliminate Lane Closures and parking on the highway)
3. Safer for the inspectors (No more night time inspections, climbing on cables or into columns)
4. Increases the life span of the asset.
5. Saves taxpayers money.


In 2015 we launched our first two patents with our high mast light pole inspection service and post tension cable inspection service. Both of these services are state of the art and fulfill all of our objectives well beyond the scope provided by the Federal Highway Association and as suggested by the Transportation Research Board. In early 2016 IPC continued producing robotic devices with our Cable Stay Inspection Service Cablescan™ and Columnscan™ Inspection Service. These devices do not require costly lane closures, boom trucks or night time inspections. All inspections can be conducted during the day and within the budgets currently provided by the federal government.

Cable Stay Inspection Service with IPC.


Bridge Inspections with Robots

Cable Stay Inspection (Still in existence)

Bridge Inspections


High Mast Light Pole Inspection robotic vs High Mast Light Pole Inspection (Still used today)

Bridge Inspections with Robots
Robotic vs Visual

Bridge Inspections with Robots


Ground Penetrating Radar (Customized by IPC)
Bridge Inspections with Robots

Listening to a chain being dragged (OLD)

Bridge Inspections with Robots

Concrete Crack Inspection Service Length, Width & Position on Structure
Bridge Inspections with Robots

Manual Method with scaffolding.Bridge Inspections with Robots


IPC is the world leader in robotic testing equipment for the transportation industry. For more information or a price quote contact [email protected] Infrastructure Preservation Corporation is a non destructive “NDT” testing company that utilizes patented robotic devices to inspect infrastructure for the transportation industry.


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