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Bridge Inspections with Nondestructive Testing and Robotics

drone inspection

Robotic Nondestructive Testing Helps Improve Infrastructure without raising costs.

Nondestructive testing and robotic bridge inspections will start to provide the department of transportation with quantitative data to better allocate assets to maintain our infrastructure. 


Bridge inspections have to be updated from manual and subjective to using technology if we are to stay competitive on the world stage. 

drone inspection
Ground penetrating radar

Concrete & Road Inspections

IPC's BridgeScan peers through the road surface to find issues before the become life threatening. IPC's service will work to locate utilities, underground pipes and obstructions, voids water intrusion, delamination & more..

robotic post tension tendon inspections

Post Tensioned Tendon Inspections

Post Tension tendon inspections peer through concrete to locate section loss in the steel that hold up our bridges and box girder roadways. Another device locates air and water inside the tendon.

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Wire rope inspections

Wire Rope Inspections

Robotically inspects wire ropes for section loss. Bridge suspender cables, ski lifts, smoke stack cables and more.

Bridge inspection robot

Cable Stayed Bridge Inspections

No lane closures or bucket trucks required. Inspects 360 degrees of the cable stays, records results to monitor deterioration progression over time.

hmlp inspection of seam

High Mast Light Pole Inspection Service

High Mast Light Pole Inspection Service inspects the pole, seam, luminaries acrobatically. We also conduct ultrasonic testing of the anchor bolts to insure the poles integrity.

nevada bridge crack inspect w arrows

Concrete Crack Testing Service

Concrete crack testing, No lane closures or bucket trucks. Completely maps the concrete slab showing x, y and z coordinates of concrete cracks. Maintains information and shows progression over time.

drone inspections

Drone Inspection Services

For hard to reach places and detailed high definishing imageing, drone inspections are the way to go. To find leaks in oil pipelines to cracks under a bridge deck.

tensile load inspection

Laser Vibrometry

Suspender rope tensile load testing using nondestructive testing and robotics.

High Mast Light Pole repair bot. Repair rust spots and protect with a protective paint coating robotically. No lane closures or bucket trucks required.

Infrastructure Preservation Corporation, IPC is a nondestructive testing and robotic engineering company that developed robotic infrastructure inspection services to help solve problems that will help the department of transportation more efficiently manage budgets and help engineering firms best determine areas of concern on their customers assets.  

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