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Bridge Inspections with modern technology and robotics

bridge inspection cablestay

Bridge Inspection Technology that Exceeds FHWA and AASHTO requirements helps provide quantitative data for asset owners to better allocate assets and keep our infrastructure safe!

Post Tension Tendons Inspections

post tension tendon inspection
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Bridge Deck Inspections

bridge inspections
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An infrastructure crisis of herculean proportion now exists in the US. At every level, the U.S. government is struggling with how to repair, replace, and maintain the nation’s aging bridges, roads, water management systems and more. 

Cable Stay Bridge Inspection

cablestay bridge robotic inspection service
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Robotic Column & Shaft Inspections

robotic column inspection -shaft inspection
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 Infrastructure failures could have significant impact on daily life if action is not taken. Metropolitan, state and federal Departments of Transportation (DOTs) do not have the funds to replace aging infrastructure and are looking for ways to prolong service life. 


With limited budgets, manpower and an overwhelming amount of work, department of transportations are turning to technology to pick up the slack.


Modern technology and robotics utilize fewer man hours almost no lane closures or bucket trucks and report more quantitative data than ever seen before. 

Wire Rope Inspection

wire rope inspection service
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Concrete Crack Inspection Service

Concrete Crack Inspection
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High Mast Light Pole Repair Robot

High mast light pole repair robot
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High Mast Light Pole Inspection 

hmlp inspection of seam
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Minimize lane closures and bucket trucks, traffic delays and subjective inspections.  Receive the information you need to better allocate assets and extend the service life of critical infrastructure assets. 



flare stack guy wire inspection service

Flare Stack Inspection Service

Flare Stack inspection services. Robotic flare stack inspection service locates loss of metallic area inside and on the outside of wire ropes.

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