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An infrastructure crisis of herculean proportions now exists in the U.S. At every level, the U.S. government is struggling with how to repair, replace and maintain the nation’s aging bridges, roads, water management systems and more. Infrastructure failures could have significant impacts on daily life if action is not taken. Municipal, state and federal departments of transportation (DOTs) do not have the funds to replace aging infrastructure and are looking for ways to prolong service life.

For additional information or to submit a scope of work. 

We also offer customer webinars for engineering firms and asset owners.

For Bridge Owners

* Receive more quantitative data
* Fewer Lane Closures
* Less Heavy Equipment Required
* Less Expensive
* Better Action Planning
* NBIS Reports
* Document and work order management 
* Sign and Seal Reports (Specific States Only)
* Safer for the inspector
* Safer for the public

For Engineering Firms:

* Win more bids

* Receive technology points on government bids

* Provide a better deliverable to your client

* Offer more quantitative data to your client

* Locate more issues earlier on to better plan for maintenance and repairs

* Safer for your inspectors

* Safer for the public

* Win more design and repair work

* Better manage your assets

Infrastructure Preservation Corporation (IPC) is a robotics manufacturer and professional services engineering company that delivers infrastructure inspection services using reliable and accurate imaging based on geophysical nondestructive testing (NDT) and robotic technologies. Based in Clearwater, FL, IPC has developed its solutions and services to detect early-stage infrastructure degradation and deterioration in concrete and steel structures. 


From bridges to utility or communication towers and other public/private infrastructure, IPC technologies deliver “next generation” alternatives to disrupt markets that are still using manual inspection methods. For more information, visit

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