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Bridge Inspections For A Safer Infrastructure

May 27th, 2019   Author: Infrastructure Co

This is not the future of bridge inspections and infrastructure inspections.  This technology exists today and is being used to inspect our infrastructure.  These robotic nondestructive  inspection services developed and patented by IPC are safer for both the public and the inspector.  They provide more quantitative data at a lower cost than ever realized before. 


IPC’s  robotic inspections comply with and exceed all AASHTO and FHWA requirements for the inspections they are conducting. These inspections provide critical information required to properly budget for maintenance and repairs.  The extent of detail being uncovered has  never been obtained before to this degree. 


Being able to more accurately budget and plan  maintenance and repairs  will help extend the service life of these critical infrastructure assets and help keep the traveling public safe.

CableScan® Cable Stayed Bridge Inspection

Both visual and MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) to loacate loss of metallic area | corrosion inside the HDPE cable.  

TendonScan® Post Tension Tendon Inspection Service

RopeScan® Wire Rope inspection service

Robotic, Lightweight, Wireless and  Accurate

Locates loss of metallic area | corrosion inside the steel.

Crane Cable Inspection Service

Using Robotic Infrastructure Inspections can save time, money and lives. 

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With more quantitative data, asset managers can make better budgetary decisions for maintenance and repairs.  Correcting issues and preventing further deterioration can help keep the structure safe and extend its useful life.


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