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Bridge Crack Testing System

November 16th, 2017   Author: Doug Thaler


Concrete Crack measurement system that monitors crack progression and bridge deterioration using non destructive testing without lane closures or traffic obstruction. IPC (Infrastructure Preservation Corporation) advances the inspection and assessment of concrete structures.


Bridge Crack Testing SystemBridge Crack Testing System


Monitoring the progression of cracks over time gives the asset manager the ability to properly plan and budget for repairs. Instead of waiting for a catastrophic event, repairs can be made in a timely manner both extending the service life of the asset, ensuring the publics safety and saving tens of millions of dollars in costly replacements.


Bridge Crack Testing System


Monitor the progression of cracks over years and plan for repairs before its too late.

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IPC is a nondestructive testing and engineering firm dedicated to infrastructure assessment and preservation to help extend the service life of vital infrastructure assets, insure the publics safety and control government budgets worldwide.




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