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Bridge Deck Assessment With Ground Penetrating Radar

IPC specializes in bridge inspections with ground penetrating radar. Without hundreds of bridges under our belt there would be no way to properly tune the gpr and the BridgeScan® software to provide the results that the department of transportation requires from their bridge inspections. By having the experience and expertise we are able to provide the department of transportation a complete bridge deck assessment for the same price that they currently have budgeted for the manual subjective inspections. Our results will provide the DOT the data they need to properly allocate assets and manage their manpower and repairs. 


The following images are from an inspection of a bridge deck that had boats docks on both ends. Boats would drive onto the bridge dumping salt water on both ends. The images show bridge decks with light to severe levels of deterioration and delamination over various stages of its life cycle.


Bridge Deck and Bridge Approach Slab Levels of deterioration with Ground Penetrating Radar!


Ground penetrating radar will quickly replace the current manual methods of bridge inspections providing far greater detail of the bridge deck. GPR can peer through the concrete to provide detailed data 15 feet below the surface. 

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Go Beyond GPR with BridgeScan®

See below gpr images and how we interpret them. The configuring of the gpr is based on the age and the components of the bridge. At IPC we have an expert bridge inspector configure and anylyze your scan results.  Just like having your doctor interpret your MRI, you would not like a technician without bridge experience to analyze your bridge gpr results.

ground penetrating radar image

This is an image of a bridge deck that has been in service for 26 years. The total area of the deck shows 8.4% deterioration with small pockets of moderate to moderate/sever 19% to 23% deterioration. With IPC’s BridgeScan® you get 12 levels of deterioration allowing you to better budget for maintenance and repairs.

gpr ground penetrating radar wave

This is an image of a deck deterioration assessment showing the majority of the deck in good condition with a section of the deck showing severe deterioration / delamination in red. Even though the regulations might look at the overall condition of the deck as being in good shape the severity of the one are would be a red flag for immediate action.

GPR Heat Map

This is an image of a deck deterioration assessment of a bridge deck in-service for 76 years. The deck has 64% late stage severe deterioration. This is a sample of a deck where early stage deterioration was not detected and repaired. This deck is nearing its end of service life

Good Road Scan

This is what primary and secondary reinforceement mats look like in a bridge deck without deterioration / delamination.

ground penetrating radar image top mat

Bad Road Scan

This is what deterioration / delamination look like when it reaches top reinforcing mat.

Concrete delamination found during bridge inspections
Roadway Inspection Using IPC’s 12 Levels Of Deterioration

IPC’s condition assessment report using GPR is the most detailed condition assessment of a bridge deck and slab available today. These inspections are in accordance with and exceed ASTM D-6087-8 and AASTHO Standards.  IPC is the only company showing 12 levels of deterioration and conducting bridge inspections with expert certified bridge inspectors. 


Bridge approach deck assessment
Area Tested
GPR Heat Map |Red=Bad
gpr map showing levels of deterioration
IPC Color Legend

The radar images above allow an experienced bride inspector trained in GPR to provide the department of transportation a detailed assessment of the bridge deck or bridge deck approach way. If you have specific questions or a scope of work that you would like to discuss you can submit them here.

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