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Author: Doug Thaler

Magnetic flux leakage

The Benefits Of Magnetic Flux Leakage

The Benefits Of Magnetic Flux Leakage for bridge inspections and international bridge inspections. All around the world, there are hundreds of thousands of infrastructural masterpieces

wire rope inspection

Guy Wire Inspections

What is a “Guy Wire”? If you have ever passed a large broadcast antennas and have seen the wires anchoring them to the ground but

cable stay bridge inspection

Cable Stay Bridge Inspections

Cable Stayed bridges are currently inspected primarily the way they were inspected 50 years ago. it is common to see lane closures, heavy equipment including

Post Tension Primer

Post Tension Tendon Inspection Primer

A Post Tension Primer Post-tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete structures. The prestressing steel cables inside the sleeves or plastic ducts are positioned in


Infrastructure Danger Looms

The Problem Current infrastructure inspection methods are archaic to say the least. To add insult to injury inspections are typically the first for their budgets

bridge collapse

Bridge Collapse Imminent

I received another report today about bridge deficiencies in the United States. Yes another.. Another headline making report that talks about how bad and potentially

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