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Author: Doug Thaler

Bridge inspection of deck using gpr

Ground Penetrating Radar [GPR]

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) uses radar to image through concrete and locate buried obstructions in concrete, soil, gravel and other substances beneath the ground. Used

bridge inspection

Bridge Inspection Process

“DOT Bridge Inspection Process Paper..Bridge Inspection Process The bridge inspection process starts with the bridge inspectors reviewing the previous bridge inspection report and planning the

Americas Infrastructure Crisis

Americas Infrastructure Crisis

  CITYFIXER   America’s Infrastructure Crisis Is Really a Maintenance Crisis Here’s what we can do about it.   ERIC JAFFE @e_jaffe Feb 12, 2015

Current Bridge Inspection Methods Vs IPC

Bridge inspections scientific, subjective Finding flaws involves both high-tech and low-tech too Robert Vitale The Columbus Dispatch Lisa Halverstadt Friday August 3, 2007 6:16 AM It’s

Ground Penetrating Radar Inspections

Philadelphia Bridge Inspections Have A New Friend

The Infrastructure Preservation Corporation “IPC” in Clearwater Florida According to the Philadelphia Business Journal “Twenty-three percent of Pennsylvania’s 22,660 bridges are structurally deficient, which is

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