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Aerial Drone Inspections | (UAS) Unmanned Aerial System Inspections

IPC utilizes GPS positioning and coordinate specific inspection zones to create safe detailed infrastructure assessments that utilize high definition video mounted on aerial drones to inspect hard to reach places on infrastructure assets worldwide. Utilizing drones to inspect infrastructure is faster, more efficient and less expensive than conventional methods.
IPC’s customized drone can take stable images for easy viewing and has a flight time approaching 55 minutes to quickly complete your inspection project.

Aerial Drone Inspection Benefits

  • * Lower cost (Due to minimal personnel)
  • * High definition photos can show progression over time
  • * No lane closures
  • * Can reach all areas of the bridge including the pylons and underneath of the bridge
  • * No boom trucks required
  • * Reduced inspection time
  • * Increased safety
  • * Customized drone for more flight time, picture stabilization and accuracy
  • * Higher detail of accuracy of inspection
Aerial Drone Inspection Video Bridge Inspection

Utilizing drones, modern technology and robotics for bridge inspections and other hard to reach infrastructure assets can help us quickly restore our infrastructure at a fraction of the price that current conventional methods are able. For more information on using drones for bridge inspections click here.
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Aerial Drone Inspections

aerial drone inspections

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