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Updating Antiquated Infrastructure Inspections with Robotics

Infrastructure Preservation Corporation “IPC” has taken nondestructive testing technologies that have been utilized for over 30 years combined with robotic and specialized software to develop robotic infrastructure inspection services that far surpass today’s manual subjective inspections.

Most inspections today are manual in nature and thus provide subjective results. If 10 different inspectors inspected than you would receive 10 different results. IPC provides a tool that allows for more quantitative data over more of the structure in a safer manner. 

The Way It’s Done Today

  • Dangerous
  • Limited Data
  • Road Closures
  • Limited Field Of View

Subjective Results

The Way Forward With IPC

  • Improved Safety
  • No Lane Closures
  • 360 degree field of view
  • Quantitative Results
  • Major Cost Savings!

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    post tension tendon inspection

    With IPC Robotic “MRI” of Post Tension Cables TendonScan™ “Patented”

    bridge inspection post tensioning


    manual bridge inspection

    Bucket truck and crash truck parked on the bridge. A danger to the inspectors and the public.

    For immediate attention Call 

    727.372.2900 Ext.24

    With IPC Robotic “MRI” of Bridge Cables and video of exterior sheathing

    cable stay bridge inspection

    IPC’s Robotic infrastructure inspections provide a condition assessment report that allow the asset owner to better manage budgets for maintenance and repairs as well as immediately attend to critical infrastructure issues.

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      High Mast Light Pole Inspection Service

      Antiquated manual inspection

      Visual inspection

      Updating 50 year old antiquated manual inspection service with robotic modern technology. 


      IPC’s high mast light pole inspection requires no lane closures or bucket trucks and robotically climbs an HMLP to inspect the pole, seams, mast arms and luminaries.

      high mast light pole inspection of seam



      robotic flare stack guy wire inspection service

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        Post tension tendon inspection

        A Post Tension Primer

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        cable stay bridge inspection

        How To Inspect A Bridge Using Robotics

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