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  • Concrete Crack Inspection

    Concrete crack inspection crackscan

    Concrete Crack Inspection records x,y and z access with crack maps and no lane closures.

Infrastructure Preservation Corporation (IPC) is a complex bridge inspection, nondestructive testing (NDT) and robotic engineering company. IPC utilizes advanced nondestructive testing and robotic technology to produce condition assessment reports that determine the condition and deterioration of today’s infrastructure. IPC is working with the Transportation Research Board to introduce a new wave of robotic inspection technology and practices that improves inspection results by locating early stage deterioration for repairs. By utilizing IPC’s proprietary and patented non-destructive evaluation (NDE) services for infrastructure and bridge inspections, IPC is helping to extend the life and safety of infrastructure assets worldwide.

IPC's Inspection Services

  • Bridge Inspections

    Bridge Inspections

    • TendonScan™
    • CableStayScan™
    • CrackScan
    • ColumnScan™
    • * TendonScan™
    • * CableStayScan™
    • * CrackScan
    • * ColumnScan™
  • Roadway Inspections

    Roadway Inspections

    • Debonding Assessment
    • Delamination
    • Condition Assessment
    • * Debonding Assessment
    • * Delamination
    • * Condition Assessment
  • Robotic Inspections

    bridge inspections

    • PoleScan (High Mast Light Pole)
    • CableStayScan™
    • TendonScan™
    • BridgeScan™
    • CrackScan™
    • * PoleScan (High Mast Light Pole)
    • * CableStayScan™
    • * TendonScan™
    • * BridgeScan™
    • * CrackScan™
  • Drawbridge Inspections

    Drawbridge Inspections

    • Drawbridge Inspections
    • CDrawbridge Inspections
    • Drawbridge
      & Movable Bridge,
      Mechanical, Electrical &
      Fracture Critical,
    • Drawbridge Emergency Service!
    • * Drawbridge Inspections
    • * Drawbridge & Movable Bridge, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Fracture Critical Inspections.
    • * Drawbridge
      * Emergency Service

Latest Inspection Technologies

Concrete Crack Testing Service

Concrete Crack Testing Service Concrete Crack Testing Service
Concrete Crack Testing & Infrastructure Assessments
  • * Crack Progression Monitoring
  • * Length of Crack Recorded
  • * Crack Width Recorded
  • * Position of Crack Recorded
  • * Inspection Comparison Reporting
  • * No Traffic Interruption| Lane Closures
  • * Save man hours, equipment & expenses
  • * No Traffic Interruption
  • * No Lane Closures
  • * Saves on man hours
  • * Saves on Equipment
  • * Conforms to FHWA and AASHTO requirements
  • * Conforms to D.O.T requirements


  • * Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • * Laser Scanning
  • * Magnetic Testing
  • * Main magnetic flux
  • * Electro Magnetics
  • * Tomography Imaging
  • * Acoustic Imaging
  • * Aerial Imaging
  • * Ultrasonic
  • * Infrared

CableScan™ Cable Stay Bridge Inspection Service

Bridge Inspection of Cable Stays with CableScan Inspection Service
  • * Early detection of potential issues.
  • * Shows any progression of damage over inspection cycles.
  • * Records location of issues on cable and to a point on the ground.
  • * No Lane Closures.
  • * No more night time inspections.
  • * Safer Inspections for both the engineers and the public.
  • * Conforms to FHWA & AASHTO requirements.
  • * Conforms to D.O.T requirements.

Infrastructure Preservation Corporation “IPC” Inspection Services

**IPC’s Concrete crack testing, concrete crack measurement & Bridge Inspections services use proprietary – patented Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) & NonDestructive Testing NDT techniques.


IPC leads the industry in the advancement of technologies for Infrastructure testing worldwide.

IPC offers the most advanced nondestructive testing methods to assess the integrity of your assets worldwide. We are a world leader and manufacturer of cutting edge NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) technologies. What we do…

  • Inspect and supply condition assessment reports on the integrity of your assets using non-intrusive methods.
  • We can detect defects and irregularities before they result in severe damage or become a risk to the public or your operation.
  • IPC can save you time and money with advanced technologies that take out subjective testing methods and put the facts into the decision makers hands.
  • Many of our technologies and methods took years of R&D to perfect. Patents are held by IPC and we continue to advance the testing of worldwide infrastructures and businesses to help make the world a safer place and keep the public and private sector operating.

Nondestructive testing has become a key component to maintain the safety of worldwide infrastructure including asset management, business operations providing condition assessment reporting and planning for new construction. To learn how IPC (infrastructure Preservation Corporation) can help you with your (NDT) Nondestructive Testing needs including Roadway, Bridge Inspection, High Mast Light Pole Inspections and other Inspections using NDE Non Destructive Evaluation and NDT Non Destructive Testing technologies. Fill out the form below and someone from our solution management team will contact you shortly .

  • Segmental Bridge
    Segmental Bridge
  • Segmental Roadways
    Segmental Roadways
  • Concrete Bridge
    Concrete Bridge
  • Oil-Gas Pipelines
    Oil-Gas Pipelines
  • Complex Bridge Inspe
    Complex Bridge Inspe
  • CableStay Bridges
    CableStay Bridges
  • Dock Inspections
    Dock Inspections
  • Dock Assessments
    Dock Assessments
  • Forensic Testing
    Forensic Testing

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